Betty at Number 52

acrylic on board 54cm x 34cm


Jonny Coyne, screen actor

acrylic on canvas 40cm x 30cm

Lizzie in her shop

Exhibited at the Royal Society
of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries 2012

oil on canvas


Lynne Truss and Hoagy

Humourous writer Lynne Truss
with her dog Hoagy, at home.

Oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm


Nick Amer, actor

oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm


Tom Morley, drum master

oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm


Mr Heaton, gentleman farmer

oil on canvas


Cal and Matt

acrylic on canvas


Vicki Ogden, actress

acrylic on canvas


Girl in a White Dress

acrylic on paper 52cm x 36cm


Anna Banana takes a call

Shown at the Sunday Times
Watercolour Exhibiton Bankside Gallery 2010

watercolour 87cm x 56cm


Susan in the Snow

Oil on canvas


Self Portrait

oil on Canvas 52cm x 42cm


New York Street Entertainer

acrylic on paper 52cm x 22cm


Elli, the Greek singer

oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm