Sea Kale on Kingsdown Beach

coloured pencil 40cm x 30cm


The Bridestones, Calderdale

oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm


Snowtime on
Hampstead Heath

Shown at the Sunday Times
Watercolour Exhibition 2013


Snow Landscape

acrylic on canvas 38cm x 26cm


Crouch Hill Station
in Winter

Exhibited at The Discerning Eye,
Mall Galleries 2014


Hong Kong Harbour
in the 19th Century

acrylic on canvas





Skaters in Central Park

acrylic on canvas


Skaters in Central Park 2

acrylic on paper 76cm x 50cm


Lake Garda

watercolour 26cm x 20cm


Kenwood House

acrylic on canvas 60cm x 42cm


The City from
Hampstead Heath



The Mary Ann on the Shore

watercolour 56cm x 42cm


The Thames
at Bourne End

oil on canvas 75cm x 50cm


Garden at Fenton House

Derwent Art Prize Exhibition 2018

coloured pencil 43cm x 24cm


Oxford Moorings

acrylic on paper 64cm x 42cm


Garden in Capri

acrylic on paper 64cm x 42cm